The Ten Commandments
Walter Kay

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The Ten Commandments
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America in the Bible
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Sculpture of Moses in U.S. Capital Building
Bible Law Course

   This web site contains a Ten Commandments Bible Course and a large number of related Bible Studies focused on the Ten Commandments; the United States in Bible prophecy; and even the Book of Revelation. The picture at the upper-left is Moses as found in the Chambers of the House of Representatives. On the upper-right Moses and the Ten Commandments as found on the east side of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C..   For more information click on the pictures.

Introductory comments:

Inside The U.S. Supreme Court building another sculpture of Moses holding The Ten Commandments. 

  1. The Ten Commandments and their explanation. The listing of the Ten Commandments in Exodus and Deuteronomy take up just one half of one page in your Bible. (Just 1% of Deuteronomy.) Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Bible. Books have three things; (1) A title, (2) a Table of Contents and (3) chapters. This listing is much like a ten chapter book's Table of Contents. To understand a whole book you must know more than just the title and brief half page Table of Contents. Deuteronomy's chapters are Moses' explanation of God's Law. Most Americans think they know the Ten Commandments, but most Americans, even the Clergy, have never, ever had these commandments explained to them. 
  2. Deuteronomy was quoted by Jesus Christ more than any other book. Think a moment, if you do not know and understand Deuteronomy, then how can you understand Jesus when he quotes it?
  3. About 71% of the Bible is about government. Deuteronomy and many other books of the Bible were written by heads of state (presidents, governors and kings) not by clergymenWe offer proof. Check it out for yourself.
  4. ALL of America's social, economic and Kramba casino health problems are cause by the violation of God's Law. ALL these problems are solvable by the application of God's given laws. Other solutions will not work.  These laws from God for the good of society are recorded in Deuteronomy, explained by Moses, confirmed by Jesus Christ, taught by the Apostle Paul, rejected by today's churches and politicians.
  5. This Bible Study is not about 'Personal Salvation'. (We will leave that to your Pastor.) Rather, it is about National Salvation, and a national code of conduct. The 'other side of the coin'. The rest of the story. You will not be asked to attend, join or donate to any group, church or organization.
  6. In 1892 the United States was a Christian nation. The United States was founded a republic by Christians. Most of its citizens are Christians. One national song, My Country Tis of Thee identifies Jesus Christ as our king.
  7. Historically, America's basic moral code has been The Ten Commandments. In this Bible study we will show that each and every commandment, all ten, have been a part of our legal system here in North America for almost 400 years!
  8. This course offers proof from history, from governmental documents such as State Constitutions and even from our highest court, the U.S. Supreme Court. You can read it for yourself.
  9. America is mentioned in the Bible. Some have called this "the greatest discovery of our age," but this is not new information. It has been known by many for well over 200 years. The Old Testaments Prophets wrote about America. Jesus kingdom parables describe America. Keep and open mind and check it out for yourself.
  10. America has enemies who know and understand The Ten Commandments and they use this information against us. The Doctrine of Balaam is the basic weapon they use in their effort to destroy Christian America. Every Christian needs to know how this works. Every Pastor should warn his congregation. Once the Doctrine of Balaam is explained, any child can understand the trick.

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