Lost Israel Found
In the Anglo-Saxon Race

E. P. Ingersol

   The knowledge that the Anglo-Saxon race is Lost Israel (The 'lost Ten Tribes of The Bible) And that North America is the land of re-gathered Israel is very heavily suppressed in today's society. The Jews want to keep for themselves Palestine the 'chosen people' status and use this 'identity' for all it's worth to achieve religious and political goals.

   People who teach this 'Anglo-Saxons are Israel' belief are called vile names by Jews, names that if applied to the Jews themselves, would be called hate speech and 'anti-Semitism'.

   But this belief that is not new, just suppressed. Here we reproduce the text of a book published in 1886. That's over one hundred years ago! This belief was not new. Not new then and not new now. You are to acquire suppressed knowledge.


Lost Israel Found
In the Anglo-Saxon Race

The Promises made to Abraham, to Isaac,
and to Jacob, all fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon Race.

Established in History. Verified by prophecy.

By E. P. Ingersol

Kansas Publishing House.

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