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The Most Powerful Office In

The World Is Not The

President of the United



    Wait a Minute. Isn’t the President the leader of the Western World? Isn't President Clinton the most powerful man in the world? No, the Presidency is not the most powerful office in the world. There is another office that is more powerful because it chooses not only who will be President but every other elected office as well.

   To understand why this office is so powerful, you must understand the eight laws of government:

LAW 1: if you want to change things, change the law.

   Taxes, deficits, government regulation, crime, schools, 'special rights," abortion on demand, erosion of second amendment liberties -- 14 years after the 'Reagan Revolution', things are worse from a conservative pro-family perspective.

   The reason is quite simple. The Founding Fathers made Congress the most powerful branch of government because it was 'closer to the people." The President can't spend a dime unless Congress authorizes it. Congress can reject Treaties and presidential appointments, mandate programs the President doesn't want, and even determine whether the Supreme Court can rule on a case!

    It's the same story on the state level. Presidents’ Governors and Supreme Court Justices all have power. But the ultimate power lies in the legislature that passes the laws and determines what happens in our society. Unfortunately, legislatures have been dominated by radical, anti-family groups.

LAW 2: To change the laws, change the people making them.

   No citizen or group can possibly keep up with all the thousands of laws passed by the legislature each year. Sure, a big letter writing campaign can change a vote or two, but there is really no substitute for electing people we can count on, whether we have our eyes on them or not.

LAW 3: Pro-family candidates need your support to win elections. 

    When was the last time you were really enthusiastic about a candidate? How often do you vote for the 'lesser of two evils"? Ever wondered why, despite the rhetoric, both parties seem to promote the same anti-conservative, anti-family policies once elected?

LAW 4: To get on the ballot, Pro-family candidates have to win the primary.

    Except in very rare cases, everyone we elect in the fall won a party primary. Technically, third parties don't win. The effort spent in building a third party could easily capture both the Republican and Democratic primary where only 10% bother to vote.

LAW 5: Candidates endorsed by the party win the primary.

    Most voters don't have time to study primary candidates. They usually troop to the polls with a sample ballot (printed at party expense and distributed by party workers), see the endorsements and start punching holes. Sure, sometimes-nonendorsed candidates win, but that's almost as rare as third party victories. Liberal control of the endorsement process gives us no-choice elections.

LAW 6: Primary endorsements are made by the Executive Committee, which is elected by the precinct committeemen of that party.

    There are state, ward and township organizations, but the basic unit of government in the United States is the county. Each party has a county executive committee that makes endorsements. The executive committee is elected by precinct committeemen who were elected in the primary from every precinct (about 500 voters) in the county. In other words:

    To change things we must change the laws. To change the laws we must change the people making them. To get elected, Pro-family candidates must be on the ballot. To get on the fall ballot, they must win the primary. To win the primary, they must get endorsed. Precinct Committeeman is the most powerful office in, the world because committeemen determine who goes to Washington and the state capital!

LAW 7: It's not necessary to have a majority of the committeemen to influence the endorsement process.

    Here's how it works in Lake County; Illinois. Lake is overwhelmingly Republican. To get anywhere, liberal interest groups happily join the Republican Party and get elected as committeemen.

    There are roughly 400 precincts in Lake. 100 are "vacant," i.e. nobody ran for Republican committeemen in that precinct. Of the 300 left, 30 are family oriented conservatives, 45 are liberals, and the rest are "Regulars" ("Regulars" are interested in patronage and power, not issues).

    Say X and Y are running for Lake's Republican Executive Committee. Each has half the "Regular" vote. Where are they going to get the rest of the votes to be elected?

    That's how 45 people in a 520,000-population county control the endorsement process. That's why many of Lakes officials lean liberal, despite its overwhelming Republican vote.

LAW 8: The most powerful office in the county is easy to get!

    A typical United States county is like Lake, 25% of the committeemen spots are "vacant." In Illinois, all you need is 10 valid signatures and you can run for committeeman, in these "vacant" precincts, anyone who gets on the ballot is virtually sure of winning the election. By calling your local clerk, you can get all the necessary forms and regulations you need to run as your own party's committeeman.

    In some cases, you may have to contest a committeeman spot, however, most committeemen do little besides stuff mailboxes with political literature. When was the last time a committeeman came to your door? Many are complacent after years of running against no opposition. $50 for literature, a few weekends visiting the 100 homes that might vote in your party primary and any dedicated, family-oriented conservative can win.

   After all, members of the radical left make-up only 1% of the country, but they become committeemen because Of apathy and ignorance of the other 99%. Conservative family oriented people can easily beat them, but they have to run--and not be apathetic like the rest!

   Voting for Executive Committeemen is the most important power of the precinct committeemen, but there are other powers to the office.

1. Access to neighbors-The media make family oriented conservatives look like kooks. No wonder conservative politicians have problems! As committeemen, you can reach people that would never come to your church, social club or home. Most people are eager to know more about their government and the people that run it.

2. Respect from Politicians- Committeemen represent 500 voters and critical endorsements. Any call or letter from a committeemen gets attention.

3. Launching point for other offices -Most elected officials from President on down, started as committeemen. It's the best place to see if your contribution to the conservative, family oriented cause is as a full-time

4. Control of party leaders platform - Committeemen vote on most party matters.

   Peg Luksik is a leader of a conservative, pro-family "coalition" group. She was so outraged by the liberal Republican running for Pennsylvania governor, She entered the primary. Despite having no political experience, no money and the entire Republican establishment against her, she stunned the nation by getting 46% of the vote. Here's what she said afterwards (Citizen: Dec. 17,1990, p.15):

   "We are morally obligated (as family oriented conservatives) to express our values at the polls. And we're called to do a little more by joining a special interest group or a county (committeeman) committee. Each party, Republican and Democrat, divides into smaller units called ...precincts. These are run by people who join the party and run for a committeeman seat in their neighborhood. They decide whether the party will endorse someone running. Endorsements mean you get campaign money, that your name is listed on the poll cards (sample ballots) distributed by both parties, and that their party workers will be working for you, getting the vote out.

   "Those who would destroy our families and values understand this process. They got involved a long time ago, and they make certain only those candidates who agree with their philosophy get endorsed. I bucked the system, which is the hard Way to do it."

   Family oriented conservatives have a choice. They can continue to look for a "white knight" President or Governor. They can continue to write letters, demonstrate, etc. -- All the things that haven't gotten them anywhere. Or they can get smart, run for committeemen and stop the liberals' secrets weapon.

   The most powerful office in the world: Precinct Committeeman!

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