Political Prayer

Below you will find a copy of a newspaper article. The 'political' prayer separated the wheat from the tares and the newspaper article told the whole world about it.

Senators walk out on pastor's political prayer

By Trent Seibert
Denver Post Capitol Bureau

Wednesday, March 06, 2002 - About a half-dozen state senators walked out of Tuesday's morning prayer after a pastor asked for God's help to make abortion illegal and to make the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools mandatory.

"These prayers are designed to be inspirational rather than political," said Senate President Stan Matsunaka, D-Loveland. "He chose to do a political prayer."

The exodus of senators has legislative staffers rewriting the guidelines on what clergy can say during the traditional morning prayer. Already, they are told to keep the prayers nondenominational and short.

The pastor, David Meek of Greeley's Assembly of God Glad Tidings Church, touched on topics that many senators found offensive, Matsunaka said.

During Meek's five-minute prayer, he showed surprise that there were so many female senators, and called them "precious ladies" the male senators should watch over. He also urged lawmakers to accept Jesus.

He also prayed for God's help in overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, and to "stop the killing and murder."

Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, who is Jewish, said Meek's "emphasis on Jesus excluded people who aren't Christian."

Sen. Mary Ellen Epps, R-Colorado Springs, said she walked out because she felt his comments belittled women.

In addition to Gordon and Epps, those who walked out included Sens. Bob Hagedorn, D-Aurora; Penfield Tate, D-Denver; and Stephanie Takis, D-Commerce City.

Sen. Dave Owen, R-Greeley, who invited the pastor, later apologized to fellow lawmakers for remarks the pastor made that he said were inappropriate.

Meek did not return telephone messages seeking comment left at his home and church.

Owen said he invited Meek because he was a military veteran and gave invocations at his American Legion post.

"He asked if he could come down, and I said sure. I'm apologizing to anyone who was offended," Owen said.

You can advance the King of Kings have fun with the wicked. If invited to pray in public, simply be sure to use Jesus name and include a few 'political' requests.

Here is another news article on Political prayer.

Anti-abortion invocation brings protests in House

"We ask you, Lord, if you would, instill in their hearts the desire to protect the unborn, those babies being carried by women all over the state of Florida," said Daryl Orman, senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Stuart, in his invocation to the Florida State House. Such a "political" prayer violates the House rules for invocations, but Orman says, "I received a copy of the guidelines, and to be truthful, I didn't read them because I pray extemporaneously. When I speak to the Lord, I want to speak unfettered."

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