This is a study of the dates mentioned in the Bible and whether they have any prophetic significance for today.




A feast of covenants and birthdays

* The Giving of the Ten Commandments was on Pentecost. (Below)
* Sequence Of Events Leading Up To Pentecost Of 1462 B.C.
* Noah-first To Observe Pentecost.
* Abraham Observes Pentecost.
* King Asa Observes Penticost.
* The Birthday of Isaac, Jesus and the New Testament Church.

* Do I need to be rebaptized?

* Paul Hurries To Jerusalem

The Giving of
The Ten Commandments
was on Pentecost.

1462 B.C.

Exodus 19 begins "In the third month, when tile children of Israel had gone out of the land of Egypt."

Numbers 33 lists Israel's encampments as they traveled from Egypt to Sinai. A close look at these encampments reveals that there were, for the most part, Sabbath day rests.

From a study of the encampments we can determine two facts:

1. That Pentecost was the sixth of Sivan.

2. That the first and second months of the year, Abib and Zif, had 31 days each. Therefore, the calendar followed by Moses was  solar not lunar. (If it were lunar then these months would have 29 or 30 days.)  Elsewhere in this web site you will find articles about the Two Calendars of the Bible.

The next three pages contain a detailed analysis of the day-to-day events leading up to the giving of the ten commandments.

To help get the following sequence correct, we were given a few clues:

* Moses asked permission of Pharaoh to go three days journey into the wilderness to worship God. These are the 15th, 16th, and 17th of Abib. The 18th was a Sabbath. Exodus 3:18 and 5:3

* Three days journey from the Red Sea unto Marah. Marah being the first Sabbath rest after passing through the Red Sea. Exodus 15:22. See calendar page Abib - 1462 B.C day 25

* The 15th of Zif was a Sabbath of rest at the wilderness of Sin. Exodus 16:1-2 See calendar page Zif- 1462 B.C. day 15.

* Arrival at the wilderness of Sinai the same day of the week that they left Egypt. Exodus 19:1. See calendar page 3rd Month - 1462 B.C. day 2

The  sequence of events on the following calendar pages fulfills all four conditions above mentioned:

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