This is a study of the dates mentioned in the Bible and whether they have any prophetic significance for today.



Abraham, First to Keep the Feast of Tabernacles

1867 B.C.

Jubilees 16

16, "And he (Abraham) built there an altar to the Lord who had saved him and had filled him with joy in the land of his pilgrimage, and he celebrated a festival of great joy in this month, seven days...and he was the first one to celebrate the feast of tabernacles on the earth."

Going aback to Verse 1 we find why Abraham was joyful and full of thanksgiving.

Jubilees 16

1, "And at the first day of the fourth month we appeared to Abraham...and we announced to him that a son would be given him from Sarah his wife...

3 and told her that name of her son...Isaac...

11 And in the middle of the sixth month the Lord visited Sarah, and did unto her as he said unto her, (Compare with Luke 1:26-31)...)

12 and we returned in the seventh month and found Sarah pregnant before us, and we blessed her and told her all things that had been comĀ­manded us concerning him (Abraham) that he should not die until six sons had been born unto him...but that in Isaac his name and seed should be called...

14 for he (Isaac) shall become the portion of the Most High, and among those of whom God is ruler will be his abode and all his seed, and it became a seed of the Lord, a nation of inheritance among all nations, and that it may become a kingdom and a priesthood and a holy nation.

15 And we went our way, and we announced to Sarah all that we had told him; for these rejoiced with exceeding great joy."

And so:

19 "And thus he celebrated his festival seven days, rejoicing with his whole heart and his whole soul, and he and all those that were in his house, and there was not any stranger with him nor any bastard.

20 And he blessed his creator... (to Verse 23) on this account it is ordained in the tablets of heaven concerning Israel that they shall celebrate The Festival Of Tabernacles seven days in joy in the seventh an eternal law...

24 And to this there is no limit of days, but it is ordained over Israel as a festival that they shall observe it."

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