A Study Into The Meaning Of The Word Gentile As Used In The Bible

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   Moses discusses several topics in the Book of Deuteronomy that can not be properly understood without a correct and accurate knowledge of several words. A major KEY to Bible understanding has to do with the word "Gentile".

   It is generally believed that the world is divided into Jews and Gentiles. A Gentile being anyone who is not a Jew. That is the definition found in the dictionary and most pulpits. 


In The Old Testament

   In the Old Testament the word "gentile" comes from ONE word that is translated FIVE different ways. In Strong's Concordance that one word is;

#1471 GOY (singular) and GOYIM (plural), a foreign nation; hence "gentile". The word is translated (1) gentile, (2) heathen, (3) nation, (4) people and (5) another.

The word "goy" is found in The Old Testament 557 times. It is translated as follows:

Nation. . . . . . 373 times.
Gentile. . . . . . . 30 times.
Another. . . . .. . . 1 time.
Heathen. . . . . 142 times.
People. . . . . . . 11 times.
Non-Jew. . . . .  0 times.
QUESTION G1: Look at the definition above. Notice that, in the Old Testament the Hebrew word "goy" often translated "gentile" does not mean; (Only one correct answer.)

  Nation.               Gentile.

  Another.             Heathen.

  People.               Non-Jew




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