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Capital Punishment

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OPENING MUSIC: Let Freedom Ring.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Bible Law Course Program. This is a series of broadcasts about the Ten Commandants, not as a means to salvation, but as a code of conduct for Christians. In these programs we will show that all our nations problems can be solved with the application of God given law. 

SPEAKER: Hello, in this broadcast about The Ten Commandments I will talk about Capital Punishment and Baal Worship. Let's begin in the New Testament with the words of the Apostle Paul. In Romans 13 verses 8 to we find these words, listen

ANNOUNCER: (8) Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

(9) For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

(10) Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

SPEAKER: These are the words of the Apostle Paul as he quoted six of The Ten Commandments. Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul told us that, loving one another had to do with keeping these commandments, including the law, thou shalt not kill. It is unfortunate that the translators used the word kill rather than murder. The commandment is better translated`, Thou shalt not murder.

    At one time here in America, Capital punishment for murder and other heinous crimes, that was the law of the land. But more and more, we are hearing a cry against Capital punishment. Some liberals decry it as archaic, barbaric, cruel and unusual, even inhuman. They say that Capital punishment is not a deterrent to future lawbreakers.

    They say that taking a life can not bring back a life. They even quote the Bible saying, "Thou shalt not kill." Just two inches from the words, Thou shalt not kill. In the very next column, in Exodus 21:12, it says this, "He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death." Just two inches away. It is amazing how people can see one verse, and be totally blind to the other verse right beside it.

    Another commandment is, Thou shalt not steal. Kidnapping is the theft of a person. Here is what God says about kidnapping. This is his judgment for kidnapping. It is Exodus 21:16, listen;

ANNOUNCER: He that smiteth a man so that he die, he shall surely be put to death. And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, .... he shall surely be put to death.

SPEAKER: How do you 'stealeth a man and selleth him'? Well, in modern English that means, to kidnap and to hold for ransom. The Law of God, as found in the Old Testament of the Bible. It calls for Capital punishment for Capital crimes.

    Now the question is, should we New Testament Christians, living here in modern day America, be for, or be against Capital punishment? The answer will be a surprise. And the answer has to do with the question, What is Baal worship? More after this message.

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   But your Bible is forbidden in the public schools and it has been chased out of government. While man's complicated solutions have only made the situation worse, your Bible offers practical solutions to our national problems. Call now, toll free at 1 800 (deleted). And we'll send free sample Bible Law Course lessons, No obligation. 1 800 (deleted).

SPEAKER: Should Christians be for or against Capital Punishment? This may surprise you, but I am opposed to the death penalty. That's right. And that is probably not what you expected to hear. Especially, after I just quoted the Bible, wherein it called for Capital punishment for murder and kidnapping.

    So, I have some explaining to do, don't I? And while my reasons are Biblical, the reasons are not at all what you would expect to hear, even from modern day opponents to Capital punishment. The first the question is, who determines what is and what is not a crime punishable by death? Who is to say? Is it government? Is it Congress? The courts? The various legislatures? Or is it a result of the democratic process? Do we vote on it? As our government becomes less and less Christian. And as atheists, humanists and liberals have more and more to say about our laws. And non-Christians do have a lot to say about writing our laws.

    My friends, not only does the government make laws. Not only does government determine what is, and what is not a crime. It is the government that has the power to punish people for breaking its laws. Here in modern America, it is the state legislature, the congress, and the courts that determine what is, and what is not, a death penalty crime. It is government that determines who lives and who dies. And under present circumstances anything can become a crime.

    Let's learn from the past. In England, as late as George the third, there were about 200 offences punishable by death. Cutting down a tree. Harboring an offender against the revenue act. Steeling in a dwelling house in the amount of 40 shillings or stealing in a shop to the amount of five shillings. Counterfeiting a stamp that was used in the sale of perfume. All these were death penalty offences.

    When it is left up to the governments of man to make the laws, the statutes and the judgments, anything can become a Capital crime. In the recent conflict with Iraq, Sadam Husain is reported to have executed people for wearing a 't' shirt. A shirt bearing a message critical about him or his government. Anything that a government doesn't like, that can become a Capital crime.

    In a democracy, unpopular points of view can become crimes. More and more we are hearing the buzz words, thought crimes. What you think, can now become a crime. A thought crime. We have the buzz words, hate crimes. How you feel can become a crime. A hate crime. We Christians need to remember that, at the time of the Roman Empire, Christianity was a thought crime, a Capital crime. People who made a decision for Christ, rather that a decision for Caesar, well, they executed in the Coliseums.

    And don't for one minute think that that is beyond the possibility even here in America. My Christian friends, think of the wicked men in your Bible. Balaak the king of Moab, he tried to get rid of all Israel. And, how about Hayman, in the book of Esther? Hayman was a man high in government. He desired to use government power to execute all of God's people. How about the Herod's of history?

    King Herod was the head of the government that killed all the little children, in an attempt to kill Jesus Christ. Herod was the governor. The governor who had John the Baptist jailed and then executed. And you Christians, don't think for a moment that we don't have our own Balaam's, Haaman's, and Herods today. We have them today. Different names. Different titles, but the same old human nature. Listen to this Bible verse. A verse that is as true today as it was in times past. Here are a few words from Psalms 37;

ANNOUNCER: The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeks to slay him.

SPEAKER: "The wicked watch the righteous, and seeketh to slay him." Do you remember Daniel under King Darious's rule. Somebody was watching Daniel. And they caught him committing a crime. His crime. His crime was praying. And King Darious tried to execute Daniel by throwing him into a fiery furnace.

    Let me ask you, do you think that the Israelite parents under Pharaohs rule, were they for or against Capital punishment? How about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, under King Nebuchednezar's rule? And in the New Testament. How about John the Baptist under King Herod's rule? John the Baptist was executed for calling Herod a sinner. And Stephen, under the rule of the Pharisees of Jerusalem. Would Stephen be for against Capital punishment? Stephen's was executed by men in government. His capital crime was preaching a sermon.

    I can assure you, that these men of God were opposed to Capital punishment under the laws of the governments of man of their day. Under man's law, God's people become criminals. Today's criminals are the protestors at abortion clinics. There is an old saying, perhaps you have heard it. it is, "No man's life, liberty or property is safe, as long as the legislature is in session."

    You see the issue is, not, for or against Capital punishment. The issue is not the question, does Capital punishment prevent future crimes? The issue is, who determines what is, and what is not a Capital crime. God or Man?

    Righteous people are protected under God's Law. Under God's law, every man's life, liberty and property is safe. But under man's law, no man's life, liberty or property is safe. Under man's law, the king of England executed tax protestors. Under man's law, Rome executed Christians. Under man's law, Jesus Christ was executed. In conclusion, am I for or against Capital punishment? "No," If man's law rules. And "Yes," If God's law rules.

    Now I will show how man's law is wrong, even when it is right. Under the present system it is many years between the arrest and the penalty. Especially in the case of a Capital crime such as murder. The penalty is not executed speedily. The Bible has something to say about this. And here it is. It's Ecc 8:11;

ANNOUNCER: Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

SPEAKER: "Because the sentence against evil is not executed speedily, men decide to do evil." Under our present system of criminal justice, the men on death row, sometimes die of old age before all their appeals are heard in the courts. And even if a person is sentenced to death, he can postpone his execution for years. Are these sentences executed quickly? Certainly not. And what is the outcome according to Ecc 8:11, listen again.

ANNOUNCER: Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

SPEAKER: Now, you think on this. Does our present system, even with Capital punishment? With all the appeals, with all the stays of execution? And all the governors pardons? Does it deter future crime, or does it encourage it?

    You can almost hear the thinking in the heart of a young man, as he contemplates a crime. He says to himself, well if I do this, first they have to catch me. They probably won't, but if they do catch me. I might escape, or get off on a plea bargain, or get off on a technicality. I might even be found, not guilty. And if the police beat me up, I might be able to sue them for millions. Even if I am caught, and even if I do go to prison, well that's not all that bad. It's three round meals, a bed, as much TV as I want. And I don't even have to work for a living. And what's the chance anyway that a Judge or Jury would actually convict me of my crime.

    And even if they do, I am sure that there would be some tender hearted humane group taking up my cause, and asking for leniency, or clemency on my part. And even if the judge won't hear of it. I have the appellate court to rely upon. And even if it is not turned over, how many years on death row will it be before they actually carry it out.

    Maybe the governor will commute the sentence. Anyway, by then I will be an old man, and I won't care anyway. Many young criminals conclude that the odds are in their favor, and they are right. Consequently, on this point, the anti-death penalty people are right. But only because we do not do it God's way. Capital punishment under our present system. It is not a deterrent to future crime.

    Now, if God's word is true, and we know that it is true, the present system with its never ending delays, with ten to twenty years between arrest, conviction and execution, it actually encourages criminal behavior. Your Bible calls for prompt, public punishment for crime. And your Bible gives the reason. And that reason is to prevent future crimes. To prevent the young person from even thinking about a crime. As a national law, that would of itself, prevent crime in the first place.

    These Bible verses are instructions, not to individuals, not to churches, but instruction to men in government, instruction to the courts, instruction to the nations judicial system concerning crime and punishment. Does swift punishment, public punishment, does it deter crime? Your Bible says so. God says so. Listen to these words from Deuteronomy 13: verses 10 and 11 concerning a duly convicted criminal, listen;

ANNOUNCER: And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die; . . . (11) And all Israel shall hear, and fear, and shall do no more any such wickedness as this is among you.

SPEAKER: Yes, so people shall hear, and so that they shall fear, and shall do no more any such wickedness. Today, when Capital punishment is applied, the punishment is not soon after the trial, but it is years, sometimes decades after the crime. When man does the right thing, the wrong way, he gets the wrong results. Man's way of Capital punishment does not prevent other crimes.

    But properly applied, Capital punishment does prevent crime, God says so, but only when God's Law is applied, not man's way, but God's way. After a fair trial, and if found guilty, punishment that is speedy, and public. As an example to others. So that people will hear, so that people will fear, so that people shall do no more any such wickedness, no more crime.   

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