The entertainment content of a program leads to a form of immersion wherein we tend to listen without thinking. We listen, yet do not analyze or question and as a result we accept whatever the television or movie puts into our mind! (A hypnotist does the exact same thing when hypnotizing a patient.) Many TV. programs are filled with Humanist propaganda and morality. The television has become Satan's church pulpit. The anti-Christian message is imbedded in the entertainment. Open your eyes and look sometime. Look for the social message (programming) imbedded in shows. What is the moral of the story? What is the TV. "hypnotist" putting into your mind?


   The Highlighted Moment Tests results in alienated viewing: This Highlighted Moment Test is extremely subversive to television. That is why we asked you to do it. You should explain this information to your children. Ask them to count the artificial Highlighted Events. As people become aware that it is technique, rather than content, that keeps them fixed to the screen, withdrawal from addiction and withdrawal from immersion can begin.

    When viewers become alert to the technological tricks used upon them, they can begin to separate technique from content. With the effects of technique stripped away, the true content of the program has to stand on its own. In the case of television, it falls apart.

    The Highlighted Moment Test allows viewers to pull back out of the immersion in the TV set, to widen their perceptual environment and, once again, include awareness of the room they are in. With personal feelings and awareness rekindled, with self-awareness emerging, they can perceive the quality of sensory deadness in television and notice their boredom.

    The Highlighted Moment Test is subversive to the medium. Without immersion and addiction to Highlighted Moments, its power is gone. Alienation allows a person to attain a mental attitude that allows discerning criticism, thought and political or religious understanding of the material on display. Brainwashing ceases and as you watch television you become enraged. This Highlighted Moment Test leads to channel switching at first and eventually to turning off the television.

   Homework: Explain this to your children and have them do a Highlighted Moment Test.

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