How to Monetize a Bridge
(How to build public works without generating a public debt to the bankers.)

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Bible Law on Money

The Temple of the 13 Suns

   What does the word 'monetize' mean? It means;

(1) To coin into money.
(2) To legalize as money.
(3) To give the nature of money to

   When a government needs a public work such as a bridge it must be paid for out of taxes or financed by a bond issue. If a bond issue is used the bonds plus interest must eventually be paid by the taxpayer.

   This article is about how to build a bridge, without a bond issue, without borrowing 'money' from the bankers, by turning the bridge into money. The method explained in this article can be used to build most anything needed by a government, (federal, state or local) whether it be a bridge or a f-15 fighter aircraft.

   To understand how to monetize a bridge we must first understand how silver and gold are monetized. That is, how are silver and gold metal turned into money.

Silver: People use their labor to find silver bearing ore in the soil. That ore is mined, taken to a smelter to be purified, then taken to a mint. The mint coins the silver metal into standard sized coins. The coin is usually measured in ounces or dollars. A dollar measure is a certain weight of silver.

Gold: Gold metal is obtained by mining or otherwise and likewise taken to a mint. The mint coins the gold into standard sized coins. Each gold coin is valued in silver. The dollar of silver being the standard of weight and measure of value. Therefore a $25.00 gold coin has the same value as $25.00 in silver metal. And likewise a one dollar silver coin contains a dollars worth of silver metal.

   Coins of silver and gold are small and easy to carry from place to place. They work nicely as money because they have a known standard value and easily passed hand to hand. A bridge has value but is very large and can not be moved.

   But, both the coins and the bridge have these three things in common.

(1) Labor.
(2) Soil .
(3) Value measurable in dollars.

  Man's labor was used to mine or grow products from the soil and turned into a product of value.

   Both the coin and the bridge came from the ground via labor. The coin by minting as explained above. The bridge by the labor of the people who went to a mine to dig iron ore. Other people smelted that ore and purified into iron and steel. Still other labors used the steel in the bridge's construction. Cement was mined as stone and processed into cement. Every part of the bridge originated in the soil and was acted upon by man's labor and valued in dollars.

   Both the coin and the bridge are property and have value. Both the coin and the bridge are processed soil plus labor valued in dollars.

   Everything we have can be reduced to two items (1) labor and (2) natural resources. Most everything is valued in dollars. Even man was formed of the dust of the ground by the labor of God. A man's worth is often valued in dollars per hour.

   A future coin or a future bridge will remain dirt of little value until the dirt is acted upon by man's labor. The labor generates the value.

  What does a society do if it has an abundance of coin and has need of a bridge? Well it could simply use coins to pay for labor and material. In this case society has traded the coins for the bridge.

   The Spanish came to the America's and took gold from the people who lived in the area now called Mexico. The Spanish were prosperous until the plundered gold was spent.

   What is a society to do if they do not care to steal some one else's silver and gold, or for whatever reason silver and gold is not available, or their soil does not contain silver or gold that can be mined and coined into money? Are they in permanent poverty having no money?

   What is a society to do if it needs a bridge (or whatever) but has no money, or not enough money, to pay for it? Run to the banker and borrow credit? But God's law say's interest on money is sin. Is there another way to finance construction? And is the other way a better way than submitting to banker plunder?

   If the society has the raw materials in the ground under its feet, and if they have the man power to labor at construction, could they build a bridge without gold or silver coin to pay for it? The Great Depression is proof that it can be done.

   In the Great Depression we had an abundance of people ready and willing to labor. We had an abundance of raw material to build anything we wished. The problem was 'no money'. While we had paper, we did not even have paper money!

   Why did we have no money? Prior to the depression we did have money. And prosperity. We had lots of money. Where did the money go? The answer is, the bankers were busy plundering the people. The Bankers could do this because;

(1) They had exclusive control of the nation's money supply. (As today.)

(2) The vast majority of people have no understanding of how the Banker's money system scam works. (As today.)

(3) Those who do have some information usually have misinformation. (As today.) Here are a few examples of current misinformation.

(A) Inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods.

(B) Inflation is caused by government spending too much money.

(C) Inflation is caused by greedy business and unions pushing up prices.

   You will never hear, "inflation is caused by the nature of the interest bearing fractional reserve money system."

   Where did the general public get their false understanding of the money system? The public is educated by the Banker controlled newspapers, the Banker funded colleges, etc..

   In the Great Depression, to plunder the nation the Bankers simply withdrew their loaned credit money from circulation. To withdraw money they simply stopped making new loans. As a result of the lack of new money and continued payments on old loans, the money supply shrank.

   Soon money is not available for loan payments. Foreclosure follows. Through foreclosure Bankers take ownership of the people's mortgaged property. Then they restore prosperity so we can buy it back from them.

  Right after the Depression something happened in Europe. Hitler discovered that he did not need Banker created paper money. Germany returned to prosperity without the Banker's paper. The Banker, like a Chicago gangster, was furious at someone cutting into his territory. The Bankers took action. They stirred up a world war to destroy those nations that did not welcome the international banker's plunder.

   The United States was in the great depression. To make it possible for The United States to fight World War II  the Bankers caused a sudden abundance of money to flow here in America. They simply loaned credit into circulation. They had their newspapers fan the flames of war. They cranked up their Hollywood propaganda mills and churned out Nazi movie upon Nazi movie. Off we went to fight a 'righteous' war against 'evil'.

   Everyone went to work producing war materials and prosperity returned. The Bankers fooled us, used us as cannon fodder and sent one Christian Nation off to destroy another Christian Nation. And guess who made the war profits?

   Not the soldier spilling his blood. Not the soldier's parents and relatives as they labored in the munitions factories.

   And who took ownership of the business and industry in the conquered lands? May I suggest that we can not keep Japanese cars out of the American market because these companies are secretly owned by the conquering banks.

   Could SONY be an acronym for Standard ONew York? How about J.V.C., the Japanese Victor Company. (Part of the American R.C.A. Victor Company?)

   How about the 'Japanese' company they bought Rockefeller Plaza. Some Newspapers reported that the 'Japanese' company was owned by Rockefeller! What a scam! The Bankers financed the war and took ownership of German and Japanese business and industry upon the successful completion of the war. Anyway, prosperity, even war, requires three things, (1) raw material, (2) labor and (3) 'money'.

   President James A. Garfield summarized the situation. "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce."

   Rulership and control of a modern nation depends upon who controls the nation's money supply. The money supply can be controlled by one of these three groups, The People, The Bankers, The Politicians.

The Bankers. The Bankers issue paper money at no cost to themselves and loan it into circulation at interest. (Federal Reserve Notes. Silver Certificates.)

The Politicians issue paper money at no cost to themselves and spend it into circulation. (Silver Certificates. U.S. Notes and Tallies.)

'We The People'. The people can have their silver and gold coined into money.

Question: How can Silver Certificates be issued at no cost? Answer. Banks and Governments soon realize that more certificates can be issued than the value of the silver on hand to back them. They find that it is very easy to issue 3,000 dollars in certificates for 1,000 dollars worth of silver. (This is an ancient scam discovered by the goldsmiths of old.) Therefore, 2,000 of the certificates were at no cost to the issuer. It is something for nothing for the issuer. It is eventually nothing for something to the last holder.

   The present situation in America is a hybrid of (1) and (2). Banker controlled Congress established The Federal Reserve System which places control of the money in the hands of the Bankers. This is why people believe that the Federal Reserve Banks are 'Federal' rather that private businesses.

What Are We To Do?

   Many people see the evil of the present system. Various solutions are offered. Some of these solutions are;

(1) Nationalizing the Fed.

(2) U.S. Notes, and 'tallies'.

(3) Gold and Silver Coin only. No paper money at all.

Nationalizing the Fed: As President James A. Garfield said, "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." 

The rich rules over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs. 22:7

   The present Federal Reserve System makes the Banker the controller of the nations money, therefore, "absolute master of all industry and commerce." The present Federal Reserve System also makes Congress servant because our 'national debt' is borrowed from the Banker. "And the borrower is servant to the lender."

   Right now, the International Bankers are the masters. Nationalizing the Fed makes Congress, not the people, absolute master. A nationalized Federal Reserve System is not the solution because nationalization would make the central government (not the people) "absolute master of all industry and commerce."

  Congressman Louis T. McFadden said, "The Federal Reserve (Banks) are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the International Bankers."

   The catch 22, nationalizing the Fed places control of the money system in the hands of the Federal Government (Congress). But Congress already has control as they can alter or abolish the Fed any time they wish. It is just a shell game. These two are in bed with each other. They are in love with each other. They both benefit at the public expense.

  Some offer U.S. Notes as a solution. It is a better system than the present Federal Reserve Notes. But who determines the amount of notes to be issued? And who gets something for nothing? The Government of course. To repeat President Garfield words. "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce."

   Are the elected politicians to be master or are the electing people to be master? Are we going to elect our rulers or elect our representatives. (Does the hireling tell the boss what to do?) Like nationalizing the Fed, Notes make Congress master, not the people. If either the Banks or Congress are master then the people are not master but servant. So, 'the hireling now tells the boss what to do."

Silver and Gold Coin - Silver Certificates: Silver and gold coin are better than U.S. Notes. Silver and gold coin could place control in the hands of the people providing:

(1) Providing that the people have silver and gold coin.

(2) Providing that the people could prevent the government from stealing their coin via excess taxation.

(3) Providing that the people would be wise enough not to let the Bankers exchange gold and silver coin for paper money or borrowing credit at interest.

   Concerning point (1) above "Providing that the people have silver and gold coin." We The People do not have any significant amount of gold or silver and there is no place to get much of it because the Bankers have almost all of it locked away in their vaults.

   The Bankers are not going to let you have much gold because political power flows to the holder of the gold. It's the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.

   As a policy, Bankers take gold out of circulation as much as possible. As a result, there is not enough gold to satisfy the demands for money. They then promote paper money as a solution to the nation's money problem (the problem they caused). Their solution places them position to regulate the value of their paper making them 'master'.

   Silver Certificates: If by chance the gold falls into the hands of government it will be locked in Fort Knox because Politicians also know that political power flows to the holder of the gold. "He who has the gold makes the rules." And the Bureaucrat wants to make the rules.

   With the gold safely locked away from the public in Fort Knox the government would again issue silver and gold certificates.

They would have to issue paper certificates simply because there is not, or will not be, enough silver and gold available to meet the nation's money needs.

   There is not much mischief if one thousand dollars worth of silver 'backs' one thousand dollars in silver certificates. But, they know a secret. A thousand dollars worth of silver can 'back' several thousand dollars worth of silver certificates. It is same principal as fractional reserve banking. A secret that Politicians and Bankers have used for ages to plunder the people.
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! It is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." President George Washington

     It is 'something for nothing' for the issuing government just like Federal Reserve Notes are 'something for nothing' for the Banker. If you did the same thing it would be a felony and you would quickly find yourself behind bars.

   The present money system puts control in the hands of the Bankers. It allows the bankers to plunder the people. U.S. Notes places this power in the hands of a central government. Silver and gold coin could place power in the hands of the people, but the people don't have enough gold and there is no where to get enough of it.


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