In the past, this course was a by mail correspondence course. Here are a few comments from those past students who were also clergymen.


   "Boy is God opening my eyes! I am enjoying the lessons and learning things that I can not believe I was not taught in 50 years of church school teaching and attendance."            Pastor H. S.


   I felt that you made some excellent points in your Bible Law Course about clergymen, I am an ordained minister with two seminary degrees. I am a Lt. General in the national chaplains association.

   Nowhere, nowhere in my training was God's Law ever stressed. I feel that I will be a better Christian and minister because of your course.

Dear Sirs, 

   Let me say how much I am enjoying this Bible Study. Thank you so much. After three years of Bible School and fifteen years of preaching that God put his law away in Christ, God forgive me, and he has, thank God for opening my eyes. If we ministers would stop listening to our heads and start listening to our hearts, we would know God has not put away his commandments. God has been trying to show me this for a long time. I understand now why we are in such a mess. I don't know why I did not see this sooner. I ask for his forgiveness. In Jesus name I covenant before God, that from this time forward I will teach and preach his whole word.


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