Question 42: If, in Exodus 21:21-23, if there is a fight and a woman is injured to the extent that she loses her unborn child, God requires capital punishment in the case of this 'accidental' abortion, surely His penalty for premeditated abortion can be no less for those who are party to the murder.

88%  Agree     

8%     Disagree   

4%     Well that was just the best understanding at that time.
 The Supreme Court has clarified the issue and now a
           woman has the right to abortion on demand.

Editorial opinion:

"Well that was just the best understanding at that time." These words were taken from an episode of the TV program The West Wing.  Many TV programs contain more 'moral' instruction than a Sunday church service. This particular episode was directed, in part, against capitol punishment. Toby the Presidential Assistant went to his Rabbi do ask, "Doesn't the Bible forbid capitol punishment?"

The Rabbi answered, "Well that was just our best understanding at that time." The Rabbi advised against capitol punishment.

A Catholic Priest advised the President against capitol punishment.

 And a Protestant clergyman was likewise worked into the script..

The general public is taught 'Bible' during prime time, not Sunday morning church attendance. Had a person like Pat Buchanan been on TV with an opposing view he would have been shouted down. "Who are you to impose your morality on us?"

Watch how they do it. On TV, correct Bible beliefs come out of the mouths of the worst people. Anti-Christian doctrine comes from from very respectable sources. Have you been 'Touched by an Angel'? What better way to promote false doctrine than have it spoken by an angel. The 'Touched by an Angel' TV program is a clever way to put words in God's mouth.

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