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Ten Commandments Bible Law Course on the Internet.

Ten Commandments Bible Law Course on paper.

Ten Commandments in the New Testament

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501(c)3 churches

Abortion (Radio program)

Abortion (In the Book of Revelation)


America in the Bible (Greatest Bible Discovery of Our Age)
America in the Bible (Cassette tapes)
America is true Israel (Not a new doctrine)
America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures
American's Christian History (Radio)
America (Christian History of The United States)
America is a Bible Land
American Revolution was not a Rebellion
American View (America is God's new Israel)
America's name
American Pie (The song claims to be copywrited by Yahweh) (Click here for PDF)
God Save America Again  NEW
United States in Joel (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Lost Ten Tribes Found (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Romans 9,10 and 11
Dividing Up America  Indian and Mexican land claims.
The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library. Hundreds of church sermons and radio programs, many about America in the Bible.

Angels (Guardian) (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Asset Forfeiture Laws

Atonement, Feast of

Bible Law Course on the Internet.

Bible Law Course on paper.


Baal worship defined

Balaam, Doctrine of  An ancient weapon used against present day America)

Balaam the Prophet

Bible, written by politicians

Books (free)

Calendars (The Two Calendars of the Bible)

Capital Punishment

Christianity Religion of the West

Church (The First Church of the Internet)

Church apologies (Alaskan natives get)

Clothing (Bible Law on  clothing and personal appearance)

Clouds of Heaven (What need does God have for a Starship?)

(Ten) Commandments in Government Buildings

(Ten) Commandments: a part of America's legal system for almost 400 years!

Commandments Made Void by Court Decisions

Commandments (The reason for the removal of The Ten Commandments from public places)

The Second Commandment

Congregation of The Lord (Deuteronomy 23 and Numbers 16)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (over modern day true Israel)

Covenants, Old and New

Covenant, Abrahamic

Coveting, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife

Coveting, Asset Forfeiture Laws


     Schwarzenegger For President (Oct 6, 2004)

     Immigration Reform, Undocumented Workers,
     Jobs Americans Don’t Want  (May 8, 2006)

Daniel's Fifth Kingdom (America)

(The) Day of the Lord

Death of the West

Defeat without a fight.

Deliverer (The End Time)

Deliverance (Preparation for)

Disputes between Christians

Divorce and remarriage

Draft, Military, Bible Law on

Doublespeak, Love, hate and

Ducks and the Hens

(The) End of the Age 

Emry, Pastor Sheldon - The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library

Ezra (Josephus about)

Evidence, New

Extremist Disturbs a Religious Ceremony

Food Laws in the Bible

(THE) FORCE and The Ten Commandments (Star Wars)

Four Inch Rule

Freedom of Speech (Everyone has it except the clergy)

King George v King Jesus

Gentile, The word as used in the Bible

Gentiles (Who Are The Gentiles?)

George Washington's Vision

Golden calf of 1550 B.C. Canaanites unearthed

The Golden Calf

Graham, Billy on interracial marriage


Heirs of the Promise

History of the Governments of Israel and Judah

History of Christianity (The True) NEW

Holidays, Bible

Holy Trinity Church v. U.S. (Supreme Court Case)

Moses Horns

Immigration Reform, Undocumented Workers,  (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Jobs Americans Don’t Want

Immigration Laws of the Bible

Interracial marriage (Ruth the 'Moabite')

Interest on Money (Radio program)

Interest on Money

Interest on Money (Did Jesus approve?)

International Year of Bible Reading

Immigration Reform, Undocumented Workers
Jobs Americans Don't Want

Israel (Lost Tribes of Israel Found)

Israel (I know that we (Christians) are Israel - Church song)

Israel (True Israel's Fingerprints)

Thomas Jefferson, A Bill for Punishing Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers


Jericho, The Fall of

Jesus Return

Jesus Christ's and Isaac's Birthday


'Laws, Statutes and Judgments' (defined)

Levitical Priesthood of Tennessee

Lost Ten Tribes Found

Loving v. Virginia (7th Commandment made void by 14th Amendment)

Mark of the Beast (v. The Mark of God)

Mark of The Beast (Sermon)

Mark of God

Marriage a Contract of Obedience and Protection

McGowan v. Maryland 366 U.S. 420 (1961) (Sabbath day legislation)



Money -Billion$ for the Banker$ Debt$ for the People
Money, The Bible and
Money Problems (Paul's)
How to Monetize a Bridge   (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Money System, Nehemiah and the prophets on the
Money System, cartoon

Moses First Wife

Moses Horns

Moses on Supreme Court Building

Mosaic in the United States Capitol Building



          The Secret Power of Music 

          $10,000 For a Penny

          God Save America Again

          I Remember When

Murder (Cartoon)

My country, 'tis of thee,

National Health Problems

National Song

91st Days

Natives in Alaska Get Church Apologies

Office Holders, most powerful

Old Covenant, a marriage contract of obedience and protection

One Blood (Book review)

Our Sin is Their Bread and Butter

Parables, America in the Kingdom (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Parables, slothful servant

Palpatine, Emperor (Star Wars)

Passion (The) (What has been concealed)


Passover, When NOT to keep


Paul and The Law (Just where did Paul say The Ten Commandments  were done away?)
The Covenants of the Old Testament
Paul and the Law in 1 Corinthians 6
Paul and the Law in 1 Corinthians 9
Paul and the Law in Romans
Paul and the Law in Galatians
Paul and the Law in Philippians
Paul and the Law in Timothy
Paul and the Law in Titus
Paul and the Law in Colossians
Paul and the Law in Hebrews
Romans 9,10 and 11


Pork (The Dangers of Eating) (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Pork (The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Health) (Click here for PDF)

Prayer, Imprecatory (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Prayer, Legislators

Prayer, Lords

Prayer, Political

Public Law 97-280

Public office, qualifications for


Race (The White Race and the Bible)


America's Christian History
The Doctrine of Balaam
The Third Commandment
A Message to Young People
What is Baal Worship?
The Abortion Clinic (The Secret Place)
The Old and New Covenants
The Sabbath Day and the United States Supreme Court
National Money Problems
Separation of Church and State
Religion and Politics
The Seventh Commandment
Capitol Punishment

Rape (Cartoon)

Religion and Politics

Religion, established

The Book of Revelation

The End Time
Deliverer Must
Be Killed!

(Abortion in the Book of Revelation)

     The Mark of The Beast

     The Mark of the Beast vs. The Mark of God
     Revealed, a secret source of power used by the wicked
     to rule over God's people.

Roe v. Wade

Revival, King Hezekiah

Rewards by works

Runkel vs. Winemiller et al.

Ruth the 'Moabite'

Sabbath Day

Sabbath Day and the Supreme Court (Radio program)

Sabbath Day and the U.S. Supreme Court (McGowan v. Maryland 366 U.S. 420)

Sabbath Day and Thomas Jefferson

Sabbath Day in the New Testament

(Civil) Sabbath Legislation In The Old Testament

Salvation by faith

Second Commandment (Statutes not statues)

Secret Place, the

Secular Humanism

Separation of Church and State

Seventh Commandment

71% of the Bible is about government.

The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library. Hundreds of church sermons and radio programs, many about America in the Bible.  Alphabetical listing of sermons.

Skywalker (Anakin)

Slaying of the Passover Lamb

Song of Moses

Spain, a Christian Nation

Spaceships in the Bible What Need Does God Have for a Starship? (The clouds of heaven)

Spring Cleaning

Stone of Destiny

Sunday School

Tabernacles, Feast of

Television (Why Television is Addictive)

Television, 23rd Channel

Ten Commandments in the New Testament

Theft (Cartoon)

Theft in government (Not Yours To Give)

Third Commandment

Thirty Second Sound Bite

300,000 Silent Churches

Holy Trinity Church v. U.S.

Trumpets, Feast of

Unclean Animals (Did Jesus cleanse?)

The United States is a Christian Nation

Victory in Jesus

Vietnam War, A Christian Analysis 

Vigilantes and trouble-makers (Why wicked rulers love them)

Wave Sheaf

What Jeremiah Planted

Wheat and the Tares

Wizard of Oz

Women, Strange

Yada, Yada, Yada

Year of The Bible

Young People, a message to

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