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Dividing Up America

Mexican and Indian Land Claims in The United States

Immigration Reform
Undocumented Workers
Jobs Americans Don’t Want


America’s Violation of the Bible’s
Inheritance and Employment Laws

By Bill Strittmatter






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 1. Reform and Europe.

  • How the words ‘reform’ and ‘Europe’ relate to the Bible.
  • The now forgotten and almost unknown definition of Europe not found in modern dictionaries.

2. The United States Constitution’s Preamble. (Us and our posterity)
3. Religious and Racial History of The United States
4. The Civil War: The District of Columbia takes power over the States
5. 14th Amendment Citizens

6. What does the Bible have to do with all of this? What does inheritance have to do with immigration anyway? Besides I’m sure that if I need to know about this my Pastor would have told me!
7. Everyone Wants a Bigger Slice of the American Pie.
8. The Earth belongs to God and God reserves the right to decide who lives where.
9. Joshua 23 and America

  • Verses 1-5       Applied to the United States.
  • Verses 6-10     Now that you have it, keep it.
  • Verses 11-14   America’s fall from grace. Mixed marriages lead to land loss and further immigration.
  • Verses 15-16   Joshua makes reference to Deuteronomy 28, which also applies to the United States and Europe.

10. Deuteronomy 7
11. Why King Solomon lost his kingdom, and how America is making the same mistake.
12. King Cyrus of Persia and Governor Nehemiah reestablish the Judah Kingdom in Palestine

  • Three steps taken to preserve the kingdom.
  • Undoing of the same steps now tearing down the United States.

13. Numbers 27 – The Law of Inheritance: Another reason mixed marriages are forbidden.
14. We’re coming to America
15. Tears in the eyes of the grandparents. (Deuteronomy 28:15 &32)
16. A Nation of Immigrants? (A Satanic deception pulled over the Sheeps’ eyes.)
17. Two classes of immigrants, the talented and the poor.
18. Leviticus 25: Real estate is not to be sold to foreigners.
19. America’s Liberty Bell
20.  Modern Day Slavery and The United States

  • Internal Slaves
  • External Slaves

21. Bible Law on wages and the treatment of aliens.
22. Using ‘out sourcing’, immigrants, illegal aliens and guest workers to do ‘jobs that Americans don’t want’.
23. Jobs Americans DO want

  • The Living Wage
  • The Minimum Wage
  • Slave wages

24. An Evil in the Land.
25. More Bible law on inheritance.
26. For national survival a people must ‘yarash’ the land then ‘nachal’ it.
27. From Abraham to America. (Abraham, the father of many nations not just the Jews.)
28. Two forms of modern day warfare being used successfully against The United States.

  • China v. United States.
  • Mexico v. United States
  • Trade war and foot power war
  • Definitions of tariff
  • How economic warfare works better than bombs.

29. The God of the Bible claims ownership of the Earth.
30. Psalms 37: God’s eviction of land tenants for cause.
31. Numbers 36: A nations land inheritance not for sale
32. God’s Warning in Numbers 33 (Pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides.)
33. Moses' Warning in Deuteronomy 28

  • Verse 28.Cancer in verse 27 and heart attack
  • Verse 30.America’s increasing divorce rate.
  • Verse 33.Welfare to immigrants.
  • Verse 41.The older World War Two-generation parents who must now help their children financially.
  • Verse 43. Immigrants becoming citizens and elected to public office.
  • Verse 44. The ever-increasing national debt and ever increasing numbers of non-White office holders.
  • Both in verse 44.The Federal Reserve Banks and the National Debt and Aliens in the highest public offices.
  • Verse 49. Wars with non-English speaking nations. Germany, Italy and Japan in WW 2, Korea, Viet-Nam, Iraq and perhaps even China.
  • Verse 61.America’s huge health care costs which are bankrupting families, governments (Medicare and Medicaid) and businesses (Health benefits).
  • Verse 62.The White Race may soon be extinct.

34. TARES In Your Side
35. Is there hope?
36. Immigrants to return their own land
37. In the Last Days  

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