Once upon a time there was a little town with a Mayor raised in the old school. The Mayor was a 'law and order' man. His police force would surely ticket any speeder exceeding the posted limit. The people complained from time to time, but they had to admit that their streets were safe and their insurance rates were the lowest in the nation.

   The 'old man' moved away away. The son did not care for the way his father ran the town. He took this opportunity to run for the office of Mayor. When the votes were in, he found that had won the election 

   The son had been attending the local Born Again New Testament Church of Christ. He had been taught by the Pastor that Jesus 'nailed the law to the cross'. No, Jesus did not do away with The Ten Commandments. He just abolished the part of the law that was 'against us'. Statutes, judgments an so forth.. The Mayor was now a 'New Testament' Christian. His church paid little attention to the 'Old' Testament, except perhaps the Psalms and Proverbs.

   His Pastor taught him that he was no longer 'under the law' but 'under grace'. The penalties for breaking the law were done away. After all, since he believed that since no one could keep the law perfectly, it was unfair to punish people for breaking the law. However, if sinning under grace the sinner might lose fellowship with The Lord, perhaps even have his prayers go unanswered. Nevertheless, he could rest assured that "Jesus Loves You" and that "while God hates the sin, he loves the sinner."

   So the new Mayor put his Judeo-Christianity to practice. He had the Town Council void the speeding law. Still, all agreed speeding is wrong. It s just that the curse and rituals will be done away. There will be no speeding fines and no formal court appearances. The new law was made public by being nailed to the utility poles and bulletin boards at various public plaices.








   The old traffic control signs are replaced with new signs. In time Miss Lillywhite flew by officer Smedley doing 65 in what used to be a 35-mile per hour zone. After being stopped officer Smedley said. "Mam, you were speeding." Lillywhite replies, "I don't think so, we don't have to do 35 any more. That law was nailed to the bulletin board."

   Officer Smedley replies, "Yes. Mam, but t still think that you were going too fast." To which Miss Lillywhite replies, 'Well, I'm truly sorry officer. I'll drive slower. But, do I still have to pay a fine and go through all that ritual of appearing before mean old Judge Levite and paying a fine?"

   Officer Smedley assures her, "No, Mam. Not anymore, we are under a new administration. In the past I'd have to give you a ticket. This piece of paper in my hand is not a ticket. It just verifies that I counseled you about safe driving. In the past you would have to pay a fine. That's all changed, just take this notice and mail it to city hall. Include a free will offering if you wish.. Have a good day Miss Lillywhite, and remember the Mayor loves you and so do I. Miss Lillywhite drives off at only 50 to mail in her one dollar ‘love offering’ .

   Now, in the old administration the people had a 10% income tax. Some complained but about the tax but none could complain about the level of city services. The town had the best roads in the state. However, along with the speeding law, the new Mayor also 'Judeo-Christianized' the tax law. No longer were the people required to send in 10%.

   Instead of pay roll withholding, the Town Clerk mailed each taxpayer a set of postage paid reply envelopes. Each person was to decide for himself how much tax to pay and send it in as a free will offering.

   Needless to say there were fewer dollars to spend on street repair. And it so happened that a chuck-hole grew on Miss Lillywhite's street. In fact as she passed by at 70 in what used to be a 25 mile per hour zone, she damaged her car.

   She sent a letter to the new Mayor asking that the chuckhole be repaired. Officer Smedley happened to be helping the Mayor answer his mail as the secretary had been laid-off due to lack of funds. The Mayor had been worried about lack of funds. To fix the chuck holes, the town needed money. The new system was not producing revenue like the old way. The Mayor had thought about starting a Bingo game. That's what the Pastor did when he needed money to fix the holes in the church roof.

   After reading the letter Officer Smedley commented to the Mayor. "You know, Miss Lillywhite has been driving much too fast." The Mayor responds, "Yes. I have heard a number of complaints about her driving. What do you think we should do?" Officer Smedley answers, "Why don't you call your Pastor? He might know what to do."

   So the Mayor calls his Judeo-Christian Pastor asking for advice. The Pastor answers, "Well if we break Jesus' law, it is true that there is no punishment, that is, the curse of the law is done away. That's because we are now under grace. But violators can suffer a loss of fellowship and Jesus might not answer their prayers." The Mayor interrupts with, "Thanks Pastor, I know what to do now."

   The Mayor turns to Officer Smedley and says, "We are not going to answer her letter and we are not going to fix the chuck hole. I don't have to answer her 'prayers' if she won't slow down. Also, cancel her invitation to the annual Fellowship Ball." 


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