The one minute answer given by Pastor Sheldon Emry.
Pastor Emry passed away on June 6, 1985.

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   Check it out for yourself. Get a copy of a reference work such as Strong's Concordance. Look in the Hebrew dictionary.

  Here are two sample verses from the Old Testament containing the word 'kingdom.'

1 Kings 1:46, "And also Solomon sitteth on the throne of the kingdom."

Isaiah 34:12, "They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom, but none shall be there, and all her princes shall be nothing."

  When you look into a Hebrew Dictionary such as that found in Strong's Concordance you will find the word 'kingdom' in these verses comes from Hebrew word # 4410.

Here is the definition:

4410 mluwkah 'mel-oo-kaw' feminine passive participle of 4427 something ruled, i.e. a realm:--kingdom, king's, X royal. (4427 means "to ascend to the throne".)

LOOK how that Hebrew word for 'kingdom' is pronounced. It is pronounced mel-oo-kaw!

"I am going to a kingdom" would, in Hebrew, sound in part like this,

"I am going to a mel oo kaw.  or  I am going to a merica.

   Schools like teach that the continent was named for Amerigo Vespucci, but they do not teach the meaning of his name. And clergymen who have been to a Bible College or seminary and who have studied Hebrew should know better. They should know that the Hebrew word for kingdom sounds very much like 'merica'.   Merica = melookaw

   The Latin masculine singular for "Amerigo" is "Amcricus" and feminine singular is "America" (Israel is likewise feminine singular.)

The Gothic Language

   The Old Gothic form for the word "America" was "Amel Ric". "Amel" means "Heaven", and "Ric" means "Kingdom"--Kingdom of Heaven. Amel Ric is still found in the German language as "Emerich", or "Himmelreich".

   And as you saw above, Strong's Concordance gives the Hebrew word "Meluwkah' for kingdom.

   The letter "l" and "r" under certain circumstances are interchangeable. Thus the Hebrew word "Meluwkah" (pronounced "mel-oo-kah") became "Merukah", this became "Amerucah" which in the Latin form is "America".

   Thus "Amel Ric", "Emerich', "himmelreich", "Amerlukah", "Amerukah", and "America", became words for "The Kingdom of Heaven".

America means Kingdom of Heaven

   What you have just heard should be common knowledge. If you have you not heard this before, why? Does your Pastor know? If he does, why hasn't he told you?