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300,000 Silent Churches

Everyone has Freedom of Speech except 501c3 churches.


1. 501c3 Tax Exemption.

2. A Deal With the Devil

3. The Silence
of the  Shepherds

4.Who is Really Lord of Your Church?


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   Today, 4000 innocent precious lives of unborn babies were snuffed out. Their arms and legs were torn from their bodies, their skulls crushed. One and one half million times each year our "civilized" society will take and innocent life. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    Six hundred thousand children, between the ages of 3 and 18, are involved in child pornography. Twenty thousand of them will disappear each year, never to be seen again. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    The TV networks make a mockery of Christians, the Christian faith and Christian values with nearly every show they air. Greed, materialism, violence, sexual immorality are standard fare. Program after program, movie after movie contains anti-Christian episodes and plots. News articles condescendingly refer to the "fundamental, right wing Christians."  Those who speak out for the sacredness of life are branded as extremist. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    Teenage suicide is the highest it has ever been. The number of teenage alcoholics and drug addicts is the highest ever. Christian morality cannot be taught in schools but atheistic immorality can. Divorce is taking approximately one of every two marriages. The number of children living in broken homes is fast becoming a majority. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    Rape has increased 700 percent in the last fifty years, and that takes into consideration the population growth. The FBI says one in four 12-year-old girls will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Pornography has become an eight billion dollar business, with some of the largest companies in America involved. The Internet is flooded with pornography. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    Rock music fills the airways, and our children's minds are polluted with music which legitimizes rape, murder, forced sex, sadomasochism, adultery, satanic worship, etc. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    A majority of states now have lotteries. We have eliminated that crime by making it 'legal' and putting it under the control of the state. And 300,000 pulpits are silent.

    What important matters are being dealt with in our churches? The church bulletin says there will be a meeting to plan the church-wide supper. We are raising money to put a new floor cover in the kitchen. (The old one doesn't match the new stove and refrigerator.) The sermon subject last Sunday was "How To Have A Positive Attitude." We are organizing a softball team.

    At a meeting of church officials a program was announced to recruit new members. We need the new program because we are losing membership. The new program was worked out by some of the very top professionals, people who have had success in gaining new members for the Lions Club and other organizations. We really need professionals to do the job.

    Sometimes blasphemy comes unnoticed while 300,000  pulpits are silent.

   In America we make a big deal about 'freedom of speech". Few realize that the churches DO NOT have freedom of speech.

Everyone has freedom of speech
except the clergy!

   The pulpit has great power to do good when the clergyman is free to speak on on matters of politics as did the prophets of old such as Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others including Paul.

   The modern churches are corporations silenced by voluntarily accepting 501c(3) tax exempt status and state licensing of the clergy.

   In effect, the system had bribed them with money to be silent churches.

   You can check this out for yourself by clicking on 1,2,3, and 4 in the margin.

   Would Jesus Christ have kept quiet if Rome had granted him tax exempt status in exchange for his silence?

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