Sheldon Emry was truly a pastor who fit the prophet Jeremiah's description. Through his teachings many Christian Americans came to realize just how meaningful world history really was. Because of his ability they learned how to apply the Bible, God's Law, to their everyday lives and how it should be applied to American government.

   It was through this special God-given insight that Pastor Emry was able to show Americans the importance of being a Christian and a Patriot simultaneously. These Americans were able to understand all these things because God Almighty used Pastor Emry in the particular ministry He had called him to, to help open their blinded eyes to their true identity as God's chosen people.

   During his remarkable ministry, which spanned 18 years, Pastor Emry spoke about God's Law to everyone from heads of state to small children. In fact, his ministry was the inspiration for a whole new generation of Christian Patriotic pastors from all parts of the nation.

   Pastor Emry passed away on June 6, 1985. According to God's plan, it was time for Sheldon Emry to pass the torch on to the next generation. It is our prayer, and one of the important reasons that this ministry continues, that this generation and all to come, will seek Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.


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