Victory in Jesus

Present day belief's about Jesus Return

  To make the point, clergy from various churches are quoted. Conservatives such as Pastor B., Judeo-Christians such as Hal Linsey and J. Vernon McGee, even 'cults' such as The Jehovah's Witness.

   All sides are quoted to make the point that everyone has common ground in the 'second coming', 'future tribulation', 'worse before it gets better' concept.

These quotes are not to be taken as criticism of these Pastors or churches mentioned. Hopefully, this is the way they thought about these things before reading this article. There is no intention to offend anyone

  The right wing conservatives: The common belief shared by most Christians is that the Great Tribulation is yet future. That Jesus' 'second coming' will follow. At that time the wicked will be punished and Jesus will set up His kingdom.

Until then the situation will steadily get worse. There is nothing we can do about it, except perhaps 'occupy until Jesus comes'. Sort of like holding the fort until the cavalry comes to our rescue. And the Calvary will only arrive when we are down to our last bullet. That is the general view of most Christians.

"We're not going to come out of our condition, as long as our enemy remains the head, it's not going to change for us. Make no mistake about it folks. We are in captivity, and we are going to remain in captivity until God's appointed time of deliverance and I would suggest to you again through scriptures that we are reading today, that, that day of deliverance will be the announcing of The Day Of The Lord." Pastor D. B.

"We look at the enemy today and there is something inside us that says, now is not the time. It's not God's time to act - Yet there will come a day when the enemy will be in ashes, these are not my words, this is what the word of God says." Pastor D. B

   There you have it, in a nutshell, The Right-wing Pastors are saying,

    "We are not going to come out of our condition."

            "Nothing is going to change for us".

                "We are in captivity, we are going to remain in captivity."

                     "There is nothing we can do about it."   

                         "Now is not the time. It's not God's time to act."

   The Judeo-Christians: As I write this most Christian Soldiers are in retreat, some are holding the fort, and a few are fighting what they believe to be a losing battle. Our present understanding of Bible Prophecy leads to a defeatist attitude. We believe that things will only get worse until Christ returns. That no amount of work and no amount of money will change things. We believe that a 'New World Order' is destined to arrive and will take over before Christ returns.

   We believe that nothing will stop the wicked from taking over. We believe that all we can do is hold out till Christ returns. And at that time Christ will punish the wicked. Here is what leading Judeo-Christian clergymen have said to the troops,

 "You don't polish the brass on a sinking ship" (J. Vernon McGee).

"God sent us to be fishers of men, not to clean up the fish bowl". (Hal Linsey).

"We should live like people who don't expect to be around much longer" (Hal Linsey).

   It's hard to rally the troops when you tell them before hand that they will be defeated.

   Many Christians have a "Eat, Drink, and be Merry" attitude out of despair.

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